About DBG Technologies

Support is offered by a third party group known as “ForexHelp”. This is a seasoned group of traders who offer free web cast on occasion to those traders who have attended an approved two day seminar that offers proprietary techniques with proven track records of success. The Forexhelp support group also provides a International Forex Web cast each morning from 5:45 to 7 a.m. EST for the same group of traders but offered with a more intense approach since at least 5 trade entries are made faithfully each morning while the entire trading world is able to watch if they so desire to. Although we do not ever tell anyone to enter, we do allow them to make their own decision as to whether to enter on a live or demo or just pass on the trade entry. One of the most important features about DBG support is that you may have access to not only how to download and view the charts, you also have access to traders who walk the talk and explain how they use the SmartCharts to make their living.

For help: Call 904-783-1819 or send an email toForexhelp@earthlink.net


Forex Leadership

  • Don Snellgrove
    Author and Master Trader, Don's leadership is second to none. You can find more information about Don by clicking on his name above.