It is important to have fast, quality tools when trading the Forex. That's why we have developed what we consider one of the finest real-time charting services in the industry. Not only do the SmartCharts ™ and SmartSignals™ give traders an advantage over other charting services, it has even blown away our old chart system. With SmartCharts ™ , you have the added benefit of viewing all available currencies (21) on one screen without having to close one currency to view another. Switching between time compressions is quicker than ever and you can choose which time compression you want to view without minimizing a maximized chart with one click of the mouse.

RCU/RCD extensions are a key element of SmartCharts ™ and are a part of the CFG methodology. This data has helped many individuals to trade Forex like a professional, and are only available to registered members who have taken the trading course . We have developed SmartCharts™ and SmartSignals™ to be user-friendly for beginners and advanced traders. We feel that even people with the smallest amount of computer experience can find it easy to maneuver the program. With many customizable features, a cleaner tool bar, and fast operation, you will spend more time trading the Forex and less time learning how to use the software. SmartCharts™ and SmartSignals™ are built to go hand-in-hand with our trading course, and many of the features are proprietary to CFG trading methods and techniques. SmartCharts™ with SmartSignals™and our SmartCourse™ can supply you with the tools you need to trade forex like a professional.

Subscription Cost:

SmartCharts with SmartSignals™: $349.99 USD per month To download the UserGuide Click here

After taking the Forex Seminar, the SmartCharts™ will be discounted to $249.99 per mo.

In addition to SmartCharts™, you will receive:

  • Exclusive inimitable market pockets
  • RCU/RCD lines with extensions (R1,R2,S1,S2, etc.)
  • Up and Down Targets (blue and red indicators displayed on charts)
  • Automatic Trend Walls
  • CFG Market channels displayed on charts (Inner Walls and Extreme levels)
  • Access to Forex Opinions, Trading Corner, and First Strikes (through CTN)
  • Study history based on selected dates

SmartSignals™ and Tech Trades
*** Rate increases do not affect subscribers who currently hold grandfathered status. Grandfathered rates are for the intial package subscribed to and are void if any changes are made to the existing service. Please note that subscribers will be subject to a 15-day grace period. If subscription payments lapse for 15 days, the grandfathered rates will expire and subscribers will be subject to the current rates at that time. ***


Free 2 week Trial

To receive the 2 week trial you will need to email us at your full name, a current phone number and a valid email address so we can contact you. It may take up to 48 hours to receive a confirmation email. If all three items are not given, we will not be able to issue a username and password.

Traders who wish to subscribe to the SmartCharts are allowed a free 30 days to review the charts at their leisure and discretion.  Once a subscription is obtained by a trader, there are absolutely no refunds for SmartCharts once the charts are used. Used data feed cannot be retrieved from the client for a refund once the charts are used.

Click Here To Download Your Trial

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You can remove the charts and reinstall the new version. First, remove the charts then click here to install the new 4.50 version. The username and password will be the same.

The second option is to just download the exe file directly into the program file itself. This is a little more complicated option, so if traders are not familiar with this, it may not work. Saving the file in the wrong folder could cause the charts not to work. However this is the fastest option. For example the path should be (C:\Program Files\FGSmartChart) for most computers. After the file is downloaded, you will need to go and create a desktop shortcut. Click here to download the 4.50 exe file.

To download the Smartchart's user guide, right click click here and save target as.